About us

GLM Enterprises, Inc is a private company and was established in 2001.  We are located in Portland ,Oregon.   It has been responsible for providing outstanding non ferrous and ferrous scrap metals to Asia.  We have been providing reliable sources for scrap metal to customers throughout the world.  GLM have firmly established ourself in a competitive market in United States and Asia.  We have a vast network of suppliers throughout North and South America.  Our comprehensive network of trading partners include China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia,India and Korea. With this vast network, it gives us the ability to trade competitively.  Our customers particularly value our superiour quality and services.

As a scrap metal trading company, we trade all products of non ferrous metal and transformer as well. We are buyer and seller of products such as but not limited to Silicon Steel, Core and Coils,Pole and Pad mounts transformers, insulated copper wire, Yellow brass, electric motors, shredded non ferrous, and all ferrous scrap metal.

If you have interest in acquiring or selling your products please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to building a strong relationship with you and your company.